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Teresa Teng's sibling, Mr. Jim Teng, leaves us July 23, 2008

World famous singing queen Teresa Teng's younger brother "Mr. Jim Teng" passed away on July 23, 2008
during his vacation with his wife and children in Shanghai. Mr. Teng was brought to the hospital after
feeling pain, and was found with a bursting tumor in his stomach. After over 10 hours of surgery in the
Energency Room and significant lost of blood, Mr. Teng finally gave up at around 1:00pm.
He was 54 years old.

Mr. Teng's sudden passing away is shocking news and a great lost to the family as well as the Teresa Teng community.
During the pass years, he was deeply active with the Official Teresa Teng Foundation and devoted enormous efforts in
preserving Teresa Teng's music and keeping her presence alive within the hearts of fans.

As die-hard fans on the behalf of the Teresa Teng Community, may we express our heartfelt
condolences to the Teng family and our utmost true feelings to Mr. Jim Teng himself:

"Thank you so much for your noble contributions to fans all over the world.
Your kindness will always be remembered... Rest in peace..."

This page is a devotion of fans around the world created in the honor of our beloved Teresa Teng.
As a musician, she has given away most of her lifetime in exchange to bring happiness into our lives, the billions of us.
Her beautiful angelic voice is like none other in this world. She makes us smile more often during good times,
cheers us up when we are downhearted, soothes the tired souls, and calms our temper.
And at the end of the day, nothing beats treating yourself with a short Teresa Teng tune before a good night's sleep.
The moment she sings, her voice resonates deep into our hearts, and our souls instantly connect to a different universe.

I hope that through this Teresa Teng community, we can unite our love to preserve
her precious works of music for the future generations of people to enjoy.
Please enjoy the various info, photos, songs & lyrics, etc. on this site.
Feel free to email the webmaster if you have ideas to share or would like to contribute!

"Teresa Teng Forever!"

Many thanks to my friends Jung, Walter, Generation-T's Ivy Chow, Mingming San, Andy Loh, and my sister Suzuki
for their support and encouragement, whom made this site is possible.

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